Background Information: Cargo planes delivered over 2 million tons of food, fuel, & other supplies and goods to the civilians living in West Berlin during an 11 month period of the Cold War from 1948-1949. The Soviet communist forces closed all surface access (rail, road and river) and tried to isolate the American, British and French sections of the city in an attempt to make it impossible for the Western governments to become the city's administration.

Essential Question: Why did the USSR want to control West Berlin?
--West Berlin was a central point of occupancy in Germany. The East Germans and Russians then built a 'wall' surrounding West Berlin to stop people 'escaping' to the West. From 1948 to 1949, major crisis among nations arose due to an attempt by the Soviet Union to force the Allied powers, otherwise known as the superpowers, (U.S., Britain, and France) to leave their post-war duties in West Berlin. While contemplating the economic structure of the 3 allied zones of occupation in Germany, the Soviets felt their strengths posed a threat to the economy of Eastern Germany. Therefore the blockade was established, blocking all traffic routes from Berlin to West Germany. The Berlin wall was built in an attempt to prevent people from escaping the city, which would defeat the purpose of the initial blockade. Families were separated and divided from one another for 30 years. Jobs were lost, due to not being able to travel across the border for work. The German people despised this wall and hated it with passion, which was a standing monument and reminder of their enslavement and of their oppression. Nearly 80 people were killed during those 30 years, trying to escape and jump the wall. Immediately after freedom was upon the country, and the East and Western parts of the nation had finally reunited, thousands of people rushed out the
gates and a celebrationwas inevitable. The Berlin Wall was then torn down and
deconstructed by the German citizens. It is almost completely gone today.

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