John Edgar Hoover

After Alexander M. Palmer had mad Hoover his special assistant, he was given a task to gather up information on "Revolutionary and ultra-revolutionary groups." ( He had the duty of organizing suspected communists in the United States. He then made a card index of people whom had "left wing" political views. There were 450,000 people on the card and 60,000 were studied and analyzed, because Hoover had declared these people the most dangerous. Hoover wanted these people to be deported. On November 17, 1919 over 10,000 alleged communists and anarchist were arrested in 23 different cities at the time. Hoover then added the lawyers to wanted to defend the radicals to the card index. Hoover then realized he needed a big case. So he chose Emma Goldman. She had different beliefs than Hoover about birth control, free love, and religion. Emma had previously been in prison for opposing the participation of World War I. Goldman had lived in the U.S. for thirty four years and both her husband and father were U.S. citizens. During the case Hoover had claimed that Goldman's views had influenced Leon Czolgosz to assassinate President William McKinley. Hoover won and Goldman, along with many others, were deported to Russia.

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