Presley Herrig
The Loyalty Review Board was an effort made by Truman in 1947 . fail Truman's goal was to find communists in the American government. This scared a lot of people and destroyed a lot of innocent lives. All of this went down after the end of World War 2 then the Loyalty Review Board was established. The Loyalty Review Board was connected to the Attorney General's List of Subversive Organizations.
The reasoning for this was to set some rules for Federal Employees.The reason for this was to investigate government employees and to dismiss the ones who were disloyal to the U.S government. There was a list of 91 groups that were suspended. ( World History Book. chapter 18 pg. 617) 1,200 federal workers were fired. The reason for this was for being disloyal or bad security . Around 5,000 people resigned because they were under pressure. After doing this it started to cause a lot of problems which made Truman come up with the Loyalty Program. The loyalty Program was a lot like the AGLOSO, when employees were notified that they were being charged with disloyal behavior they had a chance to defend themselves.

Over 4 years 3 million employees were investigated by the the Civil Service Commission. Several thousand would resign, only 212 would be dismissed as being of questionable loyalty. None would be indicted and no evidence of espionage would be found . (David McCullough 552)
- Truman's Biography

The AGLOSO was a list of 300 organizations that the federal government publishing . They didn't give any noticed to the groups involved, or any hearings , and specific charges.