Nick W, Rachel H, Jasmine N, Jose L.

1. How did the US respond to fears of Soviet expansion?2. What were the goals of the Marshall Plan?3. How did the Truman Doctrine come about and how does it dictate foreign policy for the United States?

Truman's Foreign Policy: By: Jasmine N.
Truman's foreign policy started when President Truman tried to form the United Nations, although he didn't know a lot about foreign polices he wanted to stop the rise of the Soviet Union in fear that they would cause an instability in Europe. At the End of World War II Truman supported the creation of the state of Israel in the middle east. It helped to establish some principles that helped with American foreign policy for the 20th century. Soon after becoming president Truman started taking interest in the Manhattan project that was manufacturing the atomic bomb. After Moscow was successful in testing its Atomic bomb it made Truman change his strategy with America’s national security. In January of 1950 he had the Hydrogen bomb made soon after the attack on Hiroshima tensions began to rise with another super power the Soviet Union.

Truman Doctrine
By: Nick W
The Truman Doctrine was a policy saying that the US would protect countries from the threat of communism by giving them financial and military aid. In 1947 both Turkey and Greece were in trouble financially and were under attack from communist parties in their countries. Until then Britain had been giving them support but they had suffered huge financial and economic troubles after WWII. Britain asked the US to begin giving the two countries support because it was in their best interests to keep Greece and Turkey out of the ring of Communism.

Truman knew that if Turkey and Greece fell and came under control from Communists that Communism would spread all through the middle east, which would give the Soviet Union a lot of support and essentially control over all of Asia. Also it would have opened a window to the Mediterranean countries, such as Italy and Spain, and from there it would progress to western Europe. Until finally the United States would be the only power left standing. Truman knew this and asked congress for $400 million dollars to help with countries under Soviet threat. Congress in that time was made up of a very conservative republican majority who were pro isolationism. The leader of the republicans Arthur H. Vandenburg told Truman that if he could convince the American people to go along with this policy, then he would get support. This would be no small task however for he had to convince the people that the long term fate of the US was going to be determined by the outcome of the fights in two small European countries. Between 1947 and 1950 the US invested $400 into Turkey and Greece.

Kennan's Long Telegram
A man by the name of George Kennan was an American diplomat Russia and some in Germany in the 1940’s. In 1946 he sent his “Long Telegram” to president Truman telling him what the Communists were all about. Basically he said that they are very expansion oriented- so they had to be contained- and that they would only respond to power- so we the US had to flex our muscles a little bit. But not so much in the military meaning. The Soviet Union feared the influence of western life and such more than military action Also that in a race of economic and social powers the Soviets couldn't stand up to the US, which in tern meant that they couldn't militarily either. The United States' entire foreign policy was based on Kennan's telegram. Years later Kennan was asked about what he wrote, he commented saying that did not want the policy of containment to come out of his telegram. Rather than us trying to beat them in an arms race he wanted us to coexist. But by doing this it would have eventually buried their economy because of its weaknesses which he saw and knew that the US could exploit.

Had Kennan not sent the telegram the Truman Doctrine would not have come about. With the Truman Doctrine we didn’t deal with the issue of Communism directly. We tried to suffocate the Soviet Union by taking away all of their support from other countries by getting those countries to side with us. That way we could use their resources to fight the fight on our side, without us having to cross a sea to do so.

A short two part video explaining the Truman doctrine

The Marshal Plan
Rachel H
The Marshall Plan was the primary plan of the United States for rebuilding and creating a stronger foundation. The Marshall Plan was an effort by the United States aimed at reducing the hunger, homelessness, sickness, unemployment, and political restlessness of the 270 million people in sixteen nations in West Europe. Marshall Plan funds were not mainly directed toward feeding individuals or building individual houses, schools, or factories, but at strengthening the economic superstructure.

The Marshall Plan was announced June 5, 1947, by Secretary of State George C. Marshall in a speech at Harvard University in which he declared that United States policy was directed 'not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty and desperation.The program cost the American taxpayers $11,820,700,000 plus $1,505,100,000 in loans that were repaid over four years. The Marshall Plan magnified their own efforts and reduced the suffering and time West Europe took to recover from the war. The program increased production, expanded European foreign trade, facilitated European economic cooperation and integration; and controlled inflation.

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Truman Doctrine 2009 DutchTuna Mar. 23 2011

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