By: Jordan T

On June 25 1950 the American soldiers that were stationed in Japan were called to halt the invasion on South Korea. These troops were first to enter then the U.S. Marines fallowed in and their job was to stop the peninsula from being captured by the Communist forces. When this attack began this called for US military and naval combat to be used. Some people also believed that that this attack would not last longer than three years. During the summer of 1950 the U.N. was trying to keep up with the fast moving Korean army this called for global military action to happen within.

Even though America just got out of WWII the US Armed Forces had plenty of weapons left over from the war and many factories could produce many of the products needed in a fraction of the time it took before. The Armed Forces also had many trained and experienced soldiers left from WWII that could go over to be in combat. In the middle of September in 1950 the invasion of Inchon hurt the North Korean military was hurt. In the next few months UN military was pushing through North Korea with the victory in sight the Chinese and the Soviet Union finally defeated the Communists. Then in the new year the Chinese were forced to retreat.Then on July 27th 1953 the USSR had finally agreed on a treaty called NATO. This ended the cold war fighting. The Korean war would still have its costly effects for many more decades.

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